February 2, 2010
Initial Broadcast

So, hello Internet.

I’ve been using the internet since I was learning to colour within “the lines”, but this is my first foray into something a little more “internetty”. It’s time to “create content”; time to share, something I have also been doing about as long as practicing my colouring skills. But I seem to have gotten greedy in my twenty odd years of breathing. It’s time for a change.

Am I trying to leave a mark, a legacy? No, at least not a physical one. But if I can make an impression on someone who reads what I write, what I post, or on what I link then that is good enough. I offer no solutions, no promises,  just some naked insight and suggestions on life.

So lets get to it.

The world sucks sometimes. There. I said it.

But I feel like that’s a rather uncreative way of looking at it, so lets shift gears and change the attitude. The world is actually pretty bitchin. It has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, the distribution of the world’s awesomeness is not anywhere near fair, but I imagine most of us are marginally aware of this by now.

I don’t know how to fix this, but there are a lot of little things in your life and in your mind that you can change that could possibly make a difference.

Try having a conversation with someone. A real-time, face to face, in depth conversation about something meaningful. It is actually quite simple. Go for coffee and look the person in the eyes and ask “So how is everything with you” , this person will likely give you a standard, “I’m ok” answer. None of us are ever completely ok, so get more specific. The conversational engine will begin to rev up. You’ll likely come out of this feeling better than when you went in.

And there you have it. One simple way to change the world.

Some of you may be asking how this at all could help, “it’s too simple!” you cry. Well so is the answer. Rather than sitting at home, alone and isolated, you can go out and make a connection with somebody. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll have filled some of the hollowness of your life in with substance, and you won’t have as big of an urge to go out and buy yourself something you don’t need in order to feel better.

Give it a try, I dare you.

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