February 4, 2013
Book 1 ” The Speed Reading Course”

Well if I have to read a bunch of books then my thinking led me to conclude that I should learn how to read FASTER.

I want as many as the books as possible to be physical so they can live in The Two Twenty. That’s a driving factor behind the commitment. 

Alas this one is made of pixels. Time is numero uno and I can’t wait for it to arrive if I order it.

The Speed Reading Course by Peter Shepherd & Gregory Unsworth Mitchell

I bought it for my iPhone. Case in point, I have been trying to read from my phone more often. It works…most of the time. By having books on your phone you get the following:

  1. Weightless reading companions in your hip pocket. 
  2. The ability to make notes and bookmarks on the fly
  3. Your phone is a computer: You can augment your reading with searches on the web if need be. Very clutch.
  4. You can have the definition, and therefore enhanced understanding within seconds.
  5. It’s a great alternative phone activity than mindlessly searching for LOLZ on the web.

Phone reading doesn’t work for EVERY book. But it lends well to concepts, fiction and non-fiction. Try it out, bro dog.

BOOK Nuggets.

  1. The way we’re taught to read in school is great place to start, but a lousy place to finish.
  2. The way we’re taught to read actually limits us from reaching greater speeds. Our brains can handle a faster pace
  3. You’ll truly need to read this book to understand the methodology, but it seem legitimate. They claim they have students who can peak at 1600 WPM
  4. With enough practice you can expect to reach 1000 WPM with a high rate of retention.
  5. Because you can read books in a shorter time span or even one sitting, you are able to understand the concepts with greater depth.
  6. Every time you start a book, scan the table of contents to see if there are any areas you are already familiar with. Plus you have an overview, which helps when you actually dive into the book.
  7. You always need to have a purpose (in life and reading). Ask yourself what you are hoping to learn before you start. Helps your brain frame the process of knowledge assimilation.

This book costs $3 and I downloaded while I prepped a coffee. It’s 273 iPhone pages (ish) depending on which way you tilt your phone and what size text you prefer.

Good For: Anyone.
Helpful Prerequisites: An ability to read.


January 31, 2013

Not 5 minutes after I post this, Simon Creveaux-Plouffe of BLKT Creative shows me this (without knowing I posted)

HAHA that’s why this place is so awesome

January 31, 2013
No Empty Bookshelves Allowed


I’ve been managing The Two Twenty for 9 months now. It’s been incredible. I can only liken the experience to school except with the “Turbo Boost” button on…and it’s fun. A lot of fun.

Anyhow, I spent a good amount of time collaborating on the redesign of The Common with Curtis Olson, the founder of The Two Twenty. which is a fantastic coworking facility on the fringe of the core of downtown Saskatoon.

The Two Twenty needs a seperate post altogether, because in the interest of time, I’d like to stick to the point.

We got a bookshelf. A nice one.

It needs books.

It has some…..but it needs


So in the spirit of collaboration and openly sharing (threads that runs deep here @220yxe) I’m putting myself up to the following challenge.

I’m going to read one good book a week for the entire year. Every time I finish it, I will post about it, offering a very brief synopsis of the key points. I will aim to make nearly every book be physical, so that I can pay it forward and donate it to The Two Twenty’s bookshelf. Then I hope others will read them. Or at least look at them.

This is going to be tough, because like a lot of you, I have a job that is full time, a social life, an anti-social life, and a girlfriend (or the more neutral “spouse”).

Where will I find the time to not only read all those words, but also create more words explaining what I thought about the words that I read?

I guess I’ll just have to get up earlier. Since January is already over, I’m four behind. I gotta go.

There’s so much to do.

so much.

April 26, 2012

You guys, I landed a sweet job. Real fortunate. Working with some bright minds and shiny ideas.

Search Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. My company is of this feather.

Hope your April was solid. And with all seriousness, check out that manifesto. Simpld I’m looking at you.


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